Whats New In IVF ?

In vitro fertilization(IVF) is a method of fertilization in which an egg is merged by sperm and egg in vitro. The rate of success for IVF differs based on the diagnosis. 

However, suffice to state that, as research advances in the field of reproductive medicine, the likelihood of success will only increase. You can also look for the best IVF fertility clinic online.

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What was once a complicated endeavor is now a bit easier, especially with the newer alternatives to traditional IVF protocols. 

Here are the latest alternative IVF protocols:

1. Natural Cycle IVF 

Natural cycle IVF is an alternative approach to traditional IVF. In the traditional IVF protocol, the focus is on the number of eggs your body produces. 

The doctor then retrieves, or harvests, those eggs in a single cycle. The reason being the more eggs the greater the chances of viable embryos. The natural cycle IVF protocol takes the focus off of quantity and uses the one (sometimes two) eggs your body produces naturally.

2. Minimal Stimulation IVF

Also known as mini IVF or gentle IVF minimal stimulation uses lower doses of fertility medication than the traditional method. With traditional IVF the patient injects a hormone into her body which causes her to produce a greater number of eggs. Mini IVF uses an oral medication that induces ovulation.

For women who are unable to ovulate without intervention in the natural cycle, IVF isn’t an option. Also, if the quality of the egg is low, you may need additional cycles to conceive successfully. 

But, for women who don’t respond well to fertility medications or who are of advanced maternal age, this protocol is a great option. There’s no need to wait between cycles when using natural cycle IVF and there are no uncomfortable side effects due to fertility medication.