What You Get With A Verification Background Check In US?

More employers than ever are conducting a verification background check on all potential new hires. Some high-profile cases of resume fraud have driven home the importance of an employment verification background check.

A recent study showed that half of all reference tests showed a difference between the information on the resume and the information provided by the source. A background check is used to ensure that all information contained in a resume or application is accurate and correct.

Many prospective employees are able to submit their resumes with statements that are partially accurate or misleading. A background check confirms all registered information. There are many companies that provide the best employment background check services.

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The scans guarantee the identity and address information by listing addresses for individuals up to twenty years' worth. If there is a mismatch, it could mean a case of identity theft. This review is also used to review employment history and identify job gaps.

People often try to hide long-term unemployment on their resumes by including misleading information. A background check will uncover this problem by providing a complete list of employers and previous employment dates.

Another element that is usually included in background checks is educational information. Often the misrepresentations on resumes are related to education. Some people may claim titles they don't actually have, while others list extracurricular activities or fraternity/community members that are untrue.

Employers often seek out information that is not directly related to educational information when looking for potential employees, and lies about extracurricular activities are enough to land a job offer.