Things to Consider When Purchasing Quality Gas Masks

Gas masks are used to shield people from toxic fumes by sealing areas around the face, lips, eyes as well as the mouth. Quality masks on the marketplace nowadays are actually respirators that purify air by means of a system of filters. While there are several brands in the market, the question lies not in making a simple purchase but rather how much you know regarding the use and effectiveness of these masks.

Here is an overview of the points you should note before going for any mask. Gas masks come in a variety of designs with special filtered air supply system. You can choose from NATO gas masks, Israeli gas mask, gas mask hoods to complete family gas mask kits. Gas masks differ in quality.

Masks are produced by different manufacturers and they will obviously not deliver the same fine details. When going for a mask, therefore, there is a criterion that you should use to evaluate the available brands. Depending on your industry or intended use, ascertain whether the mask together with its filter are rated for riot control agents, chemical blowing and other agents such as nuclear and biological substances.

Some of the masks that you will find in stores are simply surgical masks which are given too much glory. While they are effective in protecting you from biological threats, it is imperative that you go for a mask capable of handling nuclear as well as chemical threats.