These are the most Important Principles of Interior Design

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It is absolutely crucial to know the basic principles of interior design when it comes to changing the look and feel of the interior of your house. The interior of a home is changed based on making one feel happy, satisfied and complete. You may be on the verge of becoming an interior designer however, it is important to know the principles of interior designer. These are a few you should be aware of.

  1. Based on Balance – Feeling of equilibrium is what defines the principle of balance for interior design. Moreover, the principle of balance offers the weight of the object visually in an equal manner. Finally, factors like texture, pattern, shape and color play a huge role in offering principle of balance.
  2. Based on Rhythm – Principle of rhythm defines the creation of an object to look in an interesting manner. Similar to how music works by showcasing the creation of patterns and contrasts, this principle plays in the same manner. In short, color and shapes play a role in order to give that sense of visualization. For example; for the pillows you can choose the color brown where the same color can be used on the walls and rug of the room. 
  3. Based on Harmony – In order to offer a unified message dedicated to interior designing, principle of harmony plays a role. Moreover, the feeling of harmony is experienced with the use of same shapes, sizes and texture of a structure allowing you to feel blessed.

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