The Great English Tradition – Afternoon Tea

When we speak of tea, the first topics we speak about are our afternoon tea and the English method for drinking tea. It has been used for a long time and is widely published in TV, books, and in movies. Many people are unaware of the history and origins of this classic English method of drinking tea.

Type of Tea

There are a variety of types of Floral Afternoon Tea that are served along with tea in the afternoon. The tea is typically made from boiling water which can reduce the time needed to prepare the tea. 

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High Tea

It is a little different from low tea. It's usually a meal that will begin at approximately 5 pm. The food served with tea includes cold eggs, meats as well as sandwiches, cakes, and cakes. It is a formal affair. Because of the nature of food, it is usually served at the dining room table therefore the term high tea.

Low Tea

Afternoon tea is usually offered between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. It will include sandwiches, pastries, scones jam, butter, and biscuits. It is usually served in the dining room or sitting room at the table that is low which is why it's called low tea. 

The tea is usually served in a loose type and is served in the most elegant china teapot along with sugar and milk. If it's an important thing to consider, the cakes and desserts are more lavish. Tea is provided informal areas of the house. It will be served with the finest linen and other accessories.