Yoga Accessories – Getting What You Really Need

You don't need many accessories for yoga, unlike other sports. Your body is the most important piece of equipment you have for yoga. You can be more comfortable and safe in your practice by investing in some basic items.

Standard Yoga Accessories:


Comfortable, breathable clothing is one of the most important yoga products that allow you to move freely. Do not wear clothing that restricts your movement or is too bulky or distracting. Inversion poses can be difficult if you wear loose, oversized t-shirts. Your instructor may ask you to wear something more form-fitting if you take a class to ensure your alignment.

Yoga Accessories

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Yoga mats are used primarily for practice, particularly in a class. You can rest on them, but not directly on the floor. You will also find that they provide some sanitation since you may need to place your head on the ground for certain postures.

You can also use a mat to provide traction while you are doing your poses. Your body heats up and you can start to sweat. This could lead to you slipping if you are on the floor. A mat can help reduce the risk of slipping and increase safety in your practice. You can choose from a range of mats.

Optional Accessories for Yoga:

Yoga Mat Bag:

This bag can be used to transport your yoga mat from class to class. You can also store your keys and wallet, change clothes, or other small items.

Yoga Props:

You can use a variety of props to help you improve your form, especially for beginners.  A water bottle is one of the most overlooked, but I believe it is the most important accessory for yoga. You will likely feel thirsty after your practice, so cool, refreshing waters will be a great reward for all your hard work.