Why Choose a Wool Rug?

With so many fiber options on the market, why should you choose wool for the floor or carpet of my area? Although it is true that there are many synthetic fibers that will be enough for your home design needs, the reason is rather clear when you remember that all man-made fibers are basically "plastic" and that means they are not as environmentally friendly as wool.

Wool is a 100 percent natural fiber made of sheep feathers. Good quality wool used to make carpets in the Far East and the Middle East are now imported from New Zealand. So the first positive to using wool rug is that they are natural and environmentally friendly. Cotton carpet is good for low-traffic areas that are not susceptible to stains.

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Cotton does not hold stains like wool and has a tendency to package or flatten in high traffic areas. Some types of cotton carpets are useful. If you have a small, low, tight, tight carpet without secondary support on it, it can be washed on the washing machine. Or hand washed and pinned on the lines of clothing to dry. But for larger carpets this is not exactly practical.

Wool is a natural fiber king when it comes to stains. Natural oil in the feather itself naturally expels coloring. Not that it was stainless, no stain-resistant fiber. But it is more resistant to stains than other natural fibers and this is caused by natural oil such as lanolin, cholesterin and keratin.

Lanolin and cholesterin help naturally drive stains for fiber carpets and keratin are natural preeting oils found in bird feathers that make them dry when it rains and also inhibits microbial growth and mushrooms.