Chat Bot Software A milestone in the Computer Age

In the last few years, website chatbot technology has advanced tremendously. Now, it's possible to have a fully interactive, three-way conversation with bot networks, including both human and automated conversationalists. In this technological era, an advanced chatbot can be an invaluable asset for business people who want to expand their customer base, and entice new sales opportunities.

A chatbot is basically a software program designed to run an online chat discussion through either text-to-voice or text-to-text, instead of giving direct physical contact to a real person. With advancements in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, chat bots are now able to think, reason, and interact just like a real person would. The most popular chatbot programs are those developed by Skype Technologies, which also produces bot software called Skype Bots. The names are self-explanatory such as Bot, Skype, and Community Builder.

In the coming years, website chatbot technology will be so advanced that it will be able to understand and answer basic questions, provide general knowledge, and surface interesting conversations. For example, Bot can answer basic questions like "When was the last Valentine's Day?" or "What's the weather over here today?". As time progresses, chatbot technology will become more intelligent, and able to go on "sessions", where each topic is given its own conversation box and can be followed up with any number of preset or personal questions from the host.

Another use of chatbot technologies is for providing potential leads for advertisers. Say you're an insurance company, and you want to target younger, male drivers. You could set up a bot that will send out ads on Facebook asking for male drivers in your area who are "looking for insurance". The next thing you know, hundreds if not thousands of young men in your area will start showing up to your website looking for insurance.

Chatbot technology is also being used as virtual assistants, allowing businesses to streamline operations. Instead of having to hire a full-time assistant and pay for benefits, the virtual assistants would simply log into the chatbot and use their computers as assistants to perform tasks for you. However, as I mentioned earlier, it's not a natural language so it may not be safe to hire virtual assistants from chat bots. That said, the idea of hiring someone to perform a task for you, whether that task is physical or online, is nothing new.

One big reason why chatbot technology is set to revolutionize the world of online business is that it completely removes the boundaries between humans and artificial intelligence. Currently, chat bots can be trained to complete a specific task. A young chatbot may be taught how to perform a simple task such as, say, fill out a survey. But with the development of new artificial intelligence technologies, there is no reason why a chatbot couldn't teach itself how to do more complicated tasks. Such an intelligent chatbot could become a virtual assistant teaching itself how to fill out surveys and other types of forms online.

In this new age of artificial intelligence, the future may belong to chat Bots, artificial intelligent chat assistants, and customer service chat bots. Artificial intelligence systems are now capable of learning from their own experiences. They learn what makes a user successful, what makes a user unhappy, and what makes a user bored. Experiences from the past are gathered, analyzed, and then fed back into future decisions and programs. The result is often very accurate. This allows chat bots and customer service chat bots to provide better customer service, generate more sales, improve search engine rankings and deliver better services.

Chat Bots and customer service chat bots will change the way we do business in a very big way. It will open up many more doors for businesses and it will change the way we interact with one another. It won't be long before conversational and artificially intelligent computers outnumber human employees. But until that day comes, our friendly, helpful chat bots will continue to do their jobs and keep our conversations alive. Chat Bots are a very important part of the future of business.