Watch Crystal Repair Service

Repairing watches is one of the most common jobs. All watches, whether they are premium or economy, should have transparent glass to protect their dials. If you are looking for a watch repair service, you can visit

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Watch crystals can be made from acrylic or glass. Many watches have flat crystals, while others use magnified or domed crystals. Crystals can be oblong, rectangular, or circular to match the watch's shape. Watch repair shops stock a variety of crystals to meet the needs of their customers.

Replacing an Acrylic Watch Crystal

Watch repair shops are careful when replacing crystals. These crystals can be attached using chemicals or mechanically. Epoxy chemicals are used to fix acrylic crystals that you use in your regular watches. 

Replacing a Glass Watch Crystal

Also, watch crystal repair is possible for any glass variety. Gaskets and security rings are used to secure the glass and cut crystals. This security ring, which is usually made from stainless steel, is typically metallic. Your watch crystals are packed with rubber of the highest quality. For fitting your watch crystal, special forceps, lifters, and case presses are used.

Replacing General Watch Crystals

Watch repair shops also have stocks of generic crystals that can be used to fix your watch. These crystals are specific to your watch model and may not be universally applicable. There are a few brands that have their own generic collection of watch crystals, such as Rolex and Omega, Citizen, Bulova, and Swiss Army.