Young People Should Follow These Tips To Manage Social Anxiety

1. Go to a coffee shop. If you enjoy watching movies online or catching up on your favorite TV show, then try taking your tablet or laptop to your nearest coffee shop. Do an activity you like and feel comfortable with, in an environment that would usually make you anxious. 

You have the familiarity and comfort of being able to concentrate only on what you’re doing, but will be pushing your boundaries. Hopefully, you can push yourself but remain in your mental comfort zone at the same time. However, there are various treatment options for social anxiety disorder.

2. Create an exposure hierarchy. Identify and rate how each social situation makes you feel in terms of anxiousness. For example, 0 would mean no anxiety, and 10 would be a full-blown panic attack.

Make a list and write down how you think you would feel for every situation, no matter how small or big. From walking into a room at a gathering to asking a stranger on the tube for the time. It’s important to write down on a piece of paper your predictions so that when the time comes to experience it, you know how you thought you would feel.

3. Don’t focus on yourself. It’s hard to stop the endless mind chatter when you’re in situations that make you particularly anxious. We often turn inward and focus on ourselves and how others will perceive us, almost always assuming it will be negative. The thought that everyone will be looking at you when you walk into a room and judging you in one way or another? This isn’t the case.