Slate Roofing For Your House In Sydney

If you decide to build your own house, there are a few things you need to prepare before jumping in. Here we will discuss various things related to slate roofs.

The first thing to check is whether your slate roof has a pitch ratio greater than 4:12. In other words, the incline should have a 4-foot rise if you're running from 12 feet.

Roof Tools

Standard slate tools include a slate ripper, knife, and slate hammer. If you don't want a sheet with square edges, avoid using a diamond saw and stick with a slate cutter, which will give you a nice finish.

Slate Variety

As with other building materials, panels come in many different types. Slate varies in quality, type of material, size, and of course thickness. Whichever slate you choose will ultimately determine how you work to raise your roof.

Slates come with nail holes and you have to make sure that you get those slates positioned so as to allow the nail to be inserted on top of the underlying slate's head. This will ensure that there won't be any leaks.


Other Materials

Slate roofing will use a lot of nails. So, use nails that are made of aluminum or stainless steel because they do not rust as compared to iron nails. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions then copper nails are the ones to go with.

The nail length is of critical importance in slate roofing because the nails should go only deep enough into the roof deck. Anything further, you are looking at damage to the wooden boards.

Along with nails, you will be using decking items as well. Since they go below the slates, they should match the length of the slates you bought. Avoid plywood and laminated wood decks.