Coconut Oil – Nature’s Perfect Skin Care Remedy

It is becoming more apparent that coconut oil is very beneficial for use in cooking, but did you know that the super versatile oil makes for the ideal substance to use for moisturizing and restoring your skin? Whether it's recovering from a day in the sun at the beach or going through the cool, dry air of winter, many people are looking for solutions to take care of their skin.

To the casual consumer does it really matter what kind of lotion we use? The labels of most skin moisturizers and lotions reveal that one of the main ingredients found in these products is water. When these lotions and creams are applied to the body, their moisture is rapidly absorbed into the skin. As the water absorbs into the skin, it expands the tissues, similar to filling up a balloon with water, so that any wrinkles briefly fade away and also causing the skin to take on a smoother feel. You can purchase refined coconut oil at various online sources.

However, as soon as the moisture in the lotion or cream evaporates or is whisked away by the bloodstream, the skin nearly always returns to its dry, wrinkled condition. Our skin is made up of connective tissues that make it strong and elastic with strong connective fibers causing our skin to be youthful in appearance, supple, and strong, much like the skin of most youths.

Unfortunately, as we become older and these fibers are constantly exposed to free radicals, they tend to break down, resulting in connective tissues that become more hardened as they slowly lose their strength and elastic qualities. When the skin is no longer able to hold itself together it begins to develop wrinkles, and often takes on a dry, leathery, and even "droopy" appearance.

Even though we may be very diligent with our skincare routine, we will never really be able to permanently conquer dry, wrinkled skin with commercial skin care products.