Flexible Packaging Has Improved Packaging Pouches

Pouches are much more efficient than traditional packaging methods such as corrugated cartons and laminated boxes. It is possible to buy stand-up pouches cheaper and more efficiently than you might think.

You can customize pouches to meet your specific needs, but it is important to understand how 3 side seal pouches can benefit your business. To protect your food, you can also purchase 3 side seal pouches at CoPack Flexible Packaging.

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Stand-up pouches are made of co-extruded material. They can be 3-layer, 5-layer, 7 layers, or 9-layer. Alternatively, a single monolayer can be laminated with various film structures, including p.e.t. and nylon. 

You can have pouches printed in up to 10 colors or with your logo or design. This is a great way to make an impact on the shelves.

The continuous web material used to make pouches is folded into a shape that can be held up by a set of plows. If you wish to have a re-closable zip as part of your pouch, it should be sealed on the inside face of the web at the top edge. The most popular method is re-closable zippers. However, perforations and spouts are also options.

After the gusset has been formed, vertical seals will be made along the pouch's sides. The re-closable zip is then pressed into the same spot to seal the ends. To create the final stand-up pouch, the laminated pouch can be cut vertically through one of the side seals.