Some Physical Therapy Exercises For Women During Pregnancy

It is important for any pregnant woman to have a physical therapy exercise routine, which will be strictly followed throughout the pregnancy. In addition to maintaining your body, this will also help you have an easier time during labor because your muscles are used to stretching. 

However, before opting for any routine out there, a woman should consult her doctor and probably seek out a gym instructor who is qualified to handle these types of exercises. You can find trained and licensed physical therapists through the site cbay aquapt.

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For good posture during pregnancy, pregnant women can incorporate pelvic tilt into their physical therapy exercise. This will help your back in reducing the aches and pains that any pregnant woman experiences. For this workout,  you should find a mat or can lie on the mat with your stomach up and then bend your knees. Take a deep breath and tighten your stomach and gluteal muscles. Level your back on the floor so that your pelvis tilts up. Hold this position for some time, at least five minutes, and then breathe out slowly.

You can also add some crunches to your routine. However, for this, you should not raise your head and shoulders more than forty-five degrees. You have to lie down on the mat and bend your knees. Take a deep breath and hold it down. Exhale with your lips slightly pressed together as you lift your head. You need to stretch out your hands  as if you're trying to touch your knees. Physical therapy exercises can include calf stretches and squats. The goal of these exercises is to encourage the woman to be active for the sake of her health and that of the baby.