Questions to Ask Before Hiring Property Management Company For Military Service Members

Your home is an important decision you will make when you get military orders to relocate outside the United States or to a distant military base within the United States. Get this wrong and anxiety will become your constant companion. Your property can be subject to prolonged vacancies and improperly screened tenants who may not obey terms of their leases.

If you are wise in your choice of military assets management company, you can relax with the knowledge that your agent and management company are doing everything possible to protect and promote your best interests as the homeowner. 

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Interview one or two commission-only agents and ask the following questions:

  • Do you perform credit and/or background checks on applicants?

  • Do you contact previous landlords and employer references?

  • How will you advertise my property for lease?

  • Do you have any specialized training that makes you better qualified to serve military homeowners, buyers and tenants?

Ask the agent to contact you if a marginally qualified applicant wants to rent your home. 

However you choose to handle the rental of your property while you are out of the area, research and preparation are key. Both the homeowner and tenant are best protected when all expectations and standards are clearly expressed in writing. 

This applies to the homeowner and property manager relationship as well. Clear communication and expressed expectations from the beginning prevent headaches down the road!