Prepare To Shine in the Industry With Microsoft Courses

Microsoft has long provided the essential administrative and administrative elements to run business forms in a simple and fluid way. It offers these applications in the areas of distributed computing, databases, servers, commercial servers, developments, etc. 

In this way it has also opened up various job vacancies for those who have the necessary information and needs to work with Microsoft applications. Microsoft offers its customers, administrations, and organizations a variety of elements, administration, and advancements. Applicants can take Microsoft certification training courses online to learn more about products and features.

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Among the various certifications offered by Microsoft, the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 certification is one of them. It is a Social Database Administration Framework (RDBMS) designed for business needs. It also offers extensive security features that ensure that information is very quiet and mobile. 

There are several highlights of SQL Server 2012, some of which are listed below:-

Improved audit functionality: Audit highlights are currently available in all versions.

Power View: This is an affordable BI tool that customers can use to combine BI reports.

Column storage index: This is a proprietary, read-only file type intended for use with data warehouse queries.

BI Semantic Model: This is a cross show that enables the information model to power all BI encounters in SQL Server.

Distributed Loop: Allows you to capture the load on one Creative Server and replicate it on other computers.

However, it is very important to properly assess these highlights and keep an eye on the ultimate goal of being productive with SQL. To gain an in-depth understanding of the various highlights, online learning can be of great help.