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Cybersecurity also plays an offensive and protective role in the economy. In its cybersecurity advertisement, the University of Maryland College (2012) states that there will be "fifty thousand cybersecurity jobs in the next decade." The school has maintained this ad for over two years. When the ad first ran, it listed thirty thousand jobs. They appear to have adjusted higher estimates based on surveys as well as the government and private sector and identified cybersecurity as a critical need to protect critical infrastructure. You can also secure your data by hiring cybersecurity in Miami via



Cybersecurity can provide economic protection by protecting jobs that deal with national security issues and must remain in the United States. The cybersecurity industry is driven by national security in government and intellectual property (IP) in private industry. 

Many American companies have complained to governments that foreign countries are pulling their ideas and inventions of their software through state and organized criminal hackers. Given that overseas guarantees for government-sponsored attacks on national security and intellectual property, it would be beneficial for businesses to find human resources off the coast of the United States to carry out the necessary duties and duties.

In short, cybersecurity has come a long way since hacking cases were published in the 1990s (Krebs, 2003). These cases have led the best and the smartest to step into the field of computer and network security to develop strategies and techniques to protect against "bad actors" who would use technology to commit malicious acts. 

Computer and network security require STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills, the number of US-born applicants is currently low. This is an opportunity for the economic development of residents who use shared universities as a place for technology training that is closely related to technology companies that need human resources. The overall aim of the stakeholders is to create students who are ready to work.