Independent Assisted Living Retirement Communities

You should spend time deciding where you want to retire. Your options may be limited because housing costs a lot of your income. 

While some seniors prefer to remain in their homes for as long as they can, others want to live in an independent assisted living with other seniors who have similar interests. For those who require 24-hour care, nursing homes are an option. 

Assisted Living & Independent Living

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For those who are unable to care for themselves or need assistance, nursing homes can be a great option. Independent assisted living is ideal for people who can live independently but need assistance with daily tasks. 

According to research, those who choose this retirement option do so because they require assistance with at least three activities per day. These activities could include bathing, cooking, and cleaning, as well as medication. After the staff has completed these tasks, the resident can continue with their daily activities as if they were living in their own home or active retirement community. 

This is like having the best of both of them. Each resident's needs will determine the level of care. There is no one size fits all. This option is preferred by many because it offers more privacy and independence. 

Seniors will have their apartment or unit. Only the residents will be assisted by staff. The resident is free to do what he or she likes throughout the day. Many people who need care today grew up independent. This allows them to continue their independence without having to sacrifice quality care.