What is Website Image Optimization?

Image optimization means reducing the size of your images so they can be viewed quickly on the web. However, it is important to consider the image quality. Even if you want to reduce the file size, it's important to do it in a way that still provides acceptable image quality. The balance between visual aesthetics and effective loading is a real challenge for image optimization. You can also avail the benefits of optimizing the website image with the help of image optimization software from online sources.

Why optimize images for the web?

If your web page loads very fast, it is very likely that users will come back. Loading time is an important factor that affects the popularity of a website. Image files make up the bulk of the data on most pages. This is why image optimization is an important factor in reducing the loading time of your website. An image optimized website will attract more regular visitors.

While many users have high-speed Internet connections, others still use dial-up services. Well-optimized images load very quickly via a dial-up connection. You want to choose an image that enhances your web presence without discouraging users with slower internet services.

Are photos from my digital camera web-ready?

Most digital cameras don't take photos in a web-ready format, they are ready to print. While each camera can take pictures with different file settings, most export them in formats that are too large to view on the web. The same goes for many of the images you can buy online.