Some Common Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis refers to a condition where the reproductive system and pelvic region of a woman are affected. Although symptoms may not be obvious at first, they can become more noticeable over time. You can also search online to get more information about endometriosis via

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It is linked to the menstrual cycle and hormones that initiate menstruation. The path of small particles that are similar to the linings of the uterus towards the pelvic cavity causes this disease. These particles begin to perform functions similar to the uterine liner, also known as the endometrium. 

It reacts to hormones and prepares the body for pregnancy by accumulating blood cells. The blood is then released from the body during menstruation if this does not occur. It is most common to be found in the pelvic organs.


The symptoms appear to be similar to normal menstrual cycles. As the disease progresses, however, the symptoms become more severe. It can also impact your overall health. Rarely, the symptoms are not felt by women even at the advanced stages. These symptoms are:

  • The pain occurs usually before menstruation and then decreases after it.

  • The patient may experience lower back pain.

  • During bowel movements, the person feels pain.

  • Urinating causes pain

  • Irregular periods

  • One of the symptoms is infertility

  • Periods with heavy menstrual flow

  • You can also feel tired

  • These are some of the symptoms that can be caused by endometriosis, but they can often be confused with other conditions. 

  • Multiple allergies and infections

  • Headache

  • Low blood sugar level

  • Depression