Charlotte Primary Care Physician for You

You should choose a primary care doctor who is compatible with your needs on many levels. This is the doctor you and your family see most often. This doctor will refer you to specialists and get to know you well. It is important to find a doctor who is convenient, shares your healthcare philosophy, has a friendly bedside manner, and accepts your health insurance.

Conveniently located

Although this may seem like a practical point, it is vital. You want to be able to visit your direct primary care physicians as soon as you become sick. You don't want to be forced to travel across town to get antibiotics for your child or yourself. A nearby doctor should also be able to provide you with hospital privileges so that you can quickly get to the right place if necessary.

Share Your Thoughts

Are you open to alternative medical treatment? Do you believe in the interconnectedness between mind/body/spirit, You should look for an M.D? You want someone who is open to your philosophical views. It makes it easier to make healthcare decisions when you are on the same page with your doctor.

Bedside Manner

It is important to have a friendly and kind bedside manner. A primary care doctor can be a great diagnostician. However, if they aren't able to communicate well with patients it can make a big difference. A doctor should listen, be compassionate, and take the time to explain your condition and discuss treatment options. Having a warm and personable doctor isn't just a nice perk; it can actually enhance your wellbeing. When you know your doctor will understand and be helpful, you're more likely to schedule an appointment to discuss your ailments.