Truck Drivers Should Have Health Insurance

There are approximately seven million commercial truck drivers on the roads, yet many of them either don't have health insurance or they don't have a sufficient amount to provide for the needs of their families. However, you can also opt to owner operators insurance via

Truck drivers spend much more time on the road than most other drivers, often being behind the wheel for up to 11 hours per day. Truckers risk not only increased injuries from accidents, but also increased illnesses due to the nature of the trucking business. 

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Some Illnesses such as hypertension, low back pain, back injuries, neck pain, heart diseases etc. are higher among truckers than the general population. The cost of treating these various conditions can be very expensive.

Insurance companies estimate risks among a targeted group of individuals to determine a basic finance structure to set rates and allow for the collection of monthly premiums or payroll taxes. 

All truck drivers should have some type of health insurance, but many do not. Cost is the primary factor which prevents many truck drivers from having health insurance.

Independent drivers and other drivers that don't have the option of obtaining group rates for a health insurance policy have other options. 

Health insurance is a necessity. Don't risk your health or the health of your family trying to get along without it. Being among the uninsured is not a good situation for you or your loved ones.