Are There Different Kinds Of Commissary Kitchens?

There are several types of commissary kitchens that are rented out for food trucks. This is great for you because you have a variety of options depending on your budget and the kind of food you want to make for your customers. You can also look for the best commercial kitchenette shared space through various websites.

Here are some basic kinds of commissary kitchens:

1. Shared-use commissary kitchen

This is the most common type of kitchen that several food truck landlords and other small grocery store owners have. So there will be many cooks, chefs, and operators from different companies working in the kitchen at the same time.

These companies share equipment and space in the commissary kitchen and maybe allocate storage space and special tables depending on the nature of the agreement with the kitchen owner.

2. Private commissary kitchen

A private kitchen is a kitchen that you rent and you don't have to share with other businesses. This is ideal for you. If your grocery store is growing and you need a more roomy kitchen that gives you access to specific equipment, then the private commissary kitchen is your best choice.

Since in a private kitchen you will be paying the whole lease amount yourself, you don't share it with anyone else. This would be perfect for a food business that has a lot of food trucks or seats because you can use it as a central kitchen for your business.