Selecting the Right Company For New Boiler Installation

When choosing a company to install your new boiler for, it is understandable that most people enjoy shopping and doing a little research. After all, a new boiler is a big investment in your central heating system, here are a few things to think about:

1) Create a shortlist of national and local companies. When searching online, try typing "boiler installer" or "boiler installation" and do a few searches, some with local area added, some without. You can also visit, where you can find the most experienced and the best services providers.

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2) Make a shortlist of no more than 5 companies – you can always add to the list if you need to.

3) Browse their website. Of course, a small local business may not have a very complex website, but if it doesn't have a website unless it's recommended by you personally, it's probably best not to use it. 

Check the website and see what you think. Do you have clear contact details? Is there a phone number?

4) List important criteria – It is recommended that you include:

Are you safely registered for gas? If not, don't use it.

When can they come to you? If you can't go out for three or four weeks, are you really willing to wait that long?

5) Call them during business hours. It can be very subjective, but you'll know how you feel after talking to them. When in doubt, use someone else. 

Buying a new boiler is a significant investment so it is worth taking the time to make sure you get it right. Even if you think your boiler is working fine at the moment, it's still worth doing a little research.