Nesting End Tables – What You Can Use Them For

If you bought this Nest side table set, you probably purchased it because you thought it was cute and fun. You pull them out from time to time to keep things tidy, but they are usually unloved and unappreciated in your home.

As long as they are well laid out, this furniture is designed to serve you in your home. If you don't use them for this purpose, they will not reach their full potential. You can also look for a nest of tables via

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Here are some ways you can make it work for you more often.

Dinner – Why would you use those old trays, especially the ones that require you to put your feet in the slots over and over again to keep them from falling? Instead, you can bring your last nesting table to feed. 

Party Time – If you had company, where would they put their drinks? Serving entrees only makes it worse because you now have two handfuls of items that need space to leave. Go to your last nesting table. Fortunately, these desks can be separated to go to work in places in the room.

Game night – Many families have game night. Sometimes game night extends to family and friends, meaning you'll need more than one table. Insert the last insertion table to save days. This table can be used for any game.