An Overview of Town Planning and Town Planning Consultants

Town Planning (or Urban Planning) is a system that determines the development and use of land for a new town (or neighborhood) or to redesign an existing space. Town planning can be the most interesting subject for an architect or an engineer.

The main responsibility of town architect in Gold Coast is to ease or avoid social, economic, and environmental problems within their town of employment. They achieve this by making recommendations to local elected officials that reflect the needs of the town.

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The planning of a town usually consists of two parts. They include:

1.A document should be formed which should deal with several sections, like for instance, building lines, coverage, and special uses. This document should summarize every control measure that applies to different zones.

2.A perfect plan should be designed and this plan should cover every aspect of planning a town.

Questions to be Asked

There are certain questions that you should ask the town planning consultants. Some of these questions include:

1.The name of the authority or council responsible for deciding for your proposed project.

2.The attitude of the authority or council as far as development projects are concerned.

3.Whether anyone else, like for example, your neighbors or interested parties can object to your proposal.

4.The time is taken for the Development Application process.

5.Ask whether there is any need for a pre-application meeting with the concerned council town planners.