Get All On 4 Dental Implants Within A Day!

"All in 4" is a surgical protocol that governs the rehabilitation of the oral cavity of patients who have lost large portions of their teeth due to tooth decay and gum disease. To do this, four dental implants are placed in the jaw and a fully adjustable non-removable denture bridge is attached to this dental implant support. 

Unlike traditional surgical methods, "All on four new smile", as the name suggests, only requires four dental implants to be placed in the jaw, which can be done in one operation. The result of this process is a new set of teeth that function only as natural healthy teeth, but also feel and resemble them. 

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Dental implant "All on 4" – new teeth in one day:

The secret to the ability of "All on 4" dental implants is to give new dentures to patients in one day using the following procedure:

Due to the precise position and angle of the dental implants in the jaw area which normally contains a larger volume of atrophy-resistant bone tissue, our highly qualified oral surgeons are able to deliver new teeth to patients with almost no surgical intervention. 

Dental implants and full mouth restorations are often needed by patients who have lived for years with one or more missing teeth or with removable dentures. Without an important source of stimulation to the tooth root from the jawbone underneath, the tissue will actually shrink bone, just as the untrained muscle will wither and wear out.