Know More About Bamboo Sustainable toilet paper

Most of the major brands and supermarket own-brands offer toilet paper that bears the Forest Stewardship Council 'tree-tick' stamp. This assures at a minimum that the wood used in the production of the product was harvested sustainably.

In this guide, the Consumer has taken the view that toilet paper that is made of raw wood, regardless of whether it is FSC certified, is considered a sustainable item. You can get more information about sustainable toilet paper via

It's hard to justify the use of bamboo wood pulp for something which is, in essence, to be removed from the environment, particularly in the case of more eco-friendly alternatives, like using recycled pulp that is readily available.

This is why the products that were included in our score table's overleaf were given a full sustainability score if they utilized recycled paper, and a half mark when they utilized alternative sources that are sustainable, such as bamboo.

Toilet paper that has been recycled

The wood pulp that has been recycled is an excellent substitute for virgin fibre.

Pre-consumer recycled content is typically made up of leftover materials during the process of manufacturing, like off-cuts, post-consumer content is a material that instead of being to be discarded after one usage, is utilized for another purpose, e.g. office paper.

Most of the time, recycled tissue uses an assortment of post-consumer and pre-consumer waste however, the most significant environmental benefits are derived from the second.

Toilet paper made of recycled waste has significantly less impact on the environment than virgin fibre.