Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt

Sea Salt has long been a traditional component of many dishes. Its flavor is salty but not overly so. The only problem is that sea salt is not always available everywhere. And when you do get it, how do you use it? This article shares some ideas about using sea salt and the unique flavor it brings to any dish.

This is one of my favorite dishes where black truffle salt really shines. Bold and earthy! Salt Table Black Truffle Salt comes highly recommended to be the best available. It's all-natural and isn't flavored artificially at all. Instead, it combines the unique taste of black truffles with coarse sea salt crystals to produce an unusual yet delightful flavor.

I've always liked truffles. In fact, I'm addicted. But when I was shopping for sea salt to add to my current collection, I didn't think I'd like black truffle sea salt much. But then, I happened to have my spice rack out and found some with tiny pebbles in them. So I thought. What do I have to lose?

I decided to give the dusting a shot. To my surprise, this was a very easy dish to make. I added some onions, garlic, and a little salt to the mix, and the finished product had an earthy, spicy aroma that was extremely pleasant.

The second time I used black truffle salt was for another dish in the same batch. This time, I decided to use mussels as a base for another one of my favorite food is fish. Using mussels instead of oysters gave the dish an earthy flavor. It also enhanced the sweetness of the fish. So next time, instead of balsamic vinegar, I used the black truffle salt to give the fish an earthy aroma and flavor.

When I made mushroom dumplings with truffles and topped them with sauteed mushrooms, it was one of the best dishes I've ever made. The truffles added a nice crunch and also enhanced the flavors of the mushrooms. So, using truffles for mushroom recipes gives you even more options. You can make a nice dish out of mushrooms and truffles, or create a great cheese sauce out of truffles and mushrooms.

Another dish that came out okay using black truffle salt was a spinach and mushroom omelet. I simply sprinkled the salt over the egg whites and followed up with some chopped spinach and mushrooms. It was a delicious dish and a nice change of pace from other pasta recipes I've tried. It definitely added a little something different to the vegetables.

This was my third time using this particular type of sea salt and while I did not have a very good dish, I will definitely continue to use it. The taste is great and the texture is what you'd expect from a good quality product. The aroma is pleasant and I now know when I need to use a little more of it on various recipes because the flavor has me eager for a new recipe.

In terms of other uses, black sea salt is also excellent for cooking. It can be sprinkled on raw fish or vegetable dishes to bring out the earthy flavors. It also pairs very nicely with cheeses and pates. If you've never cooked with it, give it a try you'll be pleasantly surprised by its flavor.

In addition to cooking with it, you can also use it in sauces. I've made black bean pasta, black bean garlic sausage, and even spinach and mushroom ziti. It adds a lot of flavor to any pasta dish and is easily combined with other ingredients for a wholesome, tasty meal.

My last black truffle dish was pasta sauce for stuffed tomatoes. I used a thin layer of the salty earthy powder and mixed it into the tomato sauce. I found it to be a tasty alternative to real Italian black truffles. In fact, it tasted better than many of the restaurant versions.

To buy this product, you can get it online at a number of retailers. The cheapest way is probably to make your own Italian black truffles at home. This is easy to do and if you have a food processor, a food-grade plastic bowl, and a metal spoon you're well on your way. Once you get started you'll soon realize that this isn't much work at all. You'll have your own secret recipe and be able to keep your family eats it without turning their noses up at it.