How To Draw Simple Cartoon People

Learning how to draw people from cartoons takes a lot more practice than you think. You can’t just pick up a pencil and doodle – yes, you can, but it will take a lot of practice to turn just a doodle into something visually appealing.

Understand the concept of drawing cartoon people

That’s why the most successful cartoon characters are the simplest. They are very beautiful to look at, but when you get to them, you only need three or four basic shapes.

Look at Mickey Mouse: the entire silhouette can consist of three circles. Check out SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, Aang, and other famous cartoon characters – all of them have the same characteristics.

If you are drawing an animated person, it is best to start with a circle. Use circles for the head, eyes, ears, arms, and legs. Edit your circle and turn it into an oblong or bean shape if you want to draw an animated body and lips.

Once you’ve determined the more serious type of cartoon person you are, there are two aspects of drawing you need to focus on simplicity and emphasis.

The steps to draw a simple cartoon character

1. Start with a floor plan with simple shapes. A cartoon head often consists of two circles – one for the top half of the head (hair and forehead), while a smaller lower circle is used to accentuate the mouth and cheeks.

2. Use the bean shape for the body. You still don’t need to paint your hands or feet, just eggs or circles for your hands and feet. Connect them to the body with lines representing their posture.

3. Use basic shapes for more functions. People in cartoons tend to have big eyes. Hence, use dark circles instead of small almond shapes. Sometimes all you need to do is draw little arrows for the nose and lines for the lips for the nose and mouth.

4. The rest is about decorating the outline of the outline you have. If you are using an HB pen for the outline, you will need to remove the 2B and 4B pens for adding layers. Erase the original outline as you go.

5. Adding color is optional. The easiest way is to scan your image and add color using Adobe Photoshop. Others like to keep it traditional and use a pen to add color by hand. This is done for comics in newspapers. Remember to use simple colors.