Enjoy Ireland Travel Tours with Walking Tours along the Countryside

It's not just about the Guinness brewery and castles that a trip to Ireland offers. For thousands of tourists to Ireland, the stunning countryside is a draw. 

Tours of the Irish countryside are a common feature for vacationers heading to Ireland. It is mostly done by walking. You can also look for walking holidays in Ireland by visiting www.hilltoptreks.com/ 

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Let's take a look at two of the most stunning walks in the Irish countryside: the Kerry Way and Dingle Way.

This is the name of the Dingle Way, which takes you through the Dingle Mountains in Ireland. You'll pass small villages, beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs, mountains, and enjoy a continuous view of Ireland's countryside.  

The Dingle walk starts in Tralee and ends at the first stop in Camp, 12 miles away. It takes you through scenic country lanes that are unaffected. You will pass a beautiful view of the Slieve Mish Mountains from a century-old Irish church at one point. 

The trail will take you to Annascaul, where you can find the Inch Strand, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The village is located on top of a hill close to the beach. 

Tours down the Kerry Way are a highlight for those who love Ireland travel. This trail is twice as long and more difficult than the Dingle Way. It's not recommended for beginners. It begins in Killarney, a major tourist destination. Start your walk in Killarney. The trail will take you around the Irish countryside, returning you to the beginning.