Cool, Crazy, and Colorful Socks

There are so many colorful socks on the market right now. But how do you choose which colored socks to wear for particular occasions? Are there even rules for this? There are simple guidelines to keep in mind. 

The most important rule to remember is that the socks must match the color of the pants. Matching the mens ankle socks with the shoes is not important because the socks can overshadow the shoes in the process. Just make sure the socks match the pants.

The choice of sock color should be aligned with the event you will be attending. For very formal events, such as gala events, the ideal color choice would be black. Black socks go well with dark suits such as dark blue, navy, and black.

Aside from the suit, colored socks should also match the tie or square pockets. To find more striking looks, you can use a completely different color tone. The important thing here is that the colored socks should match the rest of the clothes in terms of tone and subtlety.

To opt for more sporty looks, socks should match the color of the sweater or shirt. Socks can also be completely different, as long as the chosen color falls within a similar spectrum of color tones.

There are different designers of colored socks on the market. British fashion designer Paul Smith is one of these designers. There are so many designs for Paul Smith socks. One of them is the one with four stripes, which comes in shades of pink, green, khaki and black. This pair of socks comes with hand-linked toes. Made from 80% mercerized cotton knit and 20% polyamide, this pair of socks provide the ultimate in breathable comfort.