About Military Divorce And Its Myths.

Deciding when it’s the right time to end the marriage is among the most difficult decisions one has to make. And while it’s often the best option when the couple has unresolved differences, it will not make divorce any less difficult.

The added complexity associated with pensions, military advantages and pensions to all the other issues to be considered during a divorce could make an already difficult process even more challenging. You can Explore https://www.farrell-hawaii.com/practice-areas/divorce/ to get More details about military divorce in Hawaii.

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If you’re thinking of having a divorce, and your spouse is a military member, this article will take a look at the truth about five commonly-held military divorce misconceptions.

The former spouse is entitled to a Half of Their Military Spouse’s Pension

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about divorces in the military is the fact that many believe that they automatically are legally entitled to only half the spouse’s total pension upon their divorce. 

Spouses of military personnel will not receive Custody for their Children

Many service members are concerned about the possibility that joining the military may affect their parental rights after divorce. But, military members are entitled to exactly the same right as a parent in fighting for the custody of their children, as well as the power to make decisions.

Service members must get divorced in the Military Court. Military Court

The process of deciding on issues like custody, as well as the division of benefits and assets during divorce can be very complicated. However, this procedure is made more complicated for military spouses because of the particular laws that govern the allocation of benefits from the military.