3pl Warehouse Evaluation: How Efficient Is Your Order Picking Method?

Your warehouse management system is just as important as the products you sell on your ecommerce website. Ultimately, customer satisfaction depends on how fast and accurate you can process the order. In best 3pl in USA and Canada, products are placed in specific locations that are easily accessible.

Ideally, items that are in high demand are placed in front of the warehouse, while items that are not selling much are placed in the back..

3pl Warehouse Evaluation: How Efficient Is Your Order Picking Method?

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When going from one place to another takes so much time for order pickers, especially with a single order, you're less likely to get your order on time.

Splitting cases is more difficult than selecting batches because each item has to be pulled from a different location while the last group of similar items is pulled at the same time.

However, this shouldn't be a reason for your company to fall behind, especially as e-commerce sales are expected to grow to $ 4.48 trillion by 2021, according to market statistics portal Statist.

Re-evaluating and refining the selection process is all you need to increase your cycle times.

Use automatic cardboard making

Instead of taking items off the shelf, sorting them, and then packing them individually, place the selected items straight into the pre-defined boxes.

Set up a pick-up area for individual orders

This method reduces pickers' travel time by eliminating the need to go to a different shelf or bin to pick up items on the grocery list.

Slots for easy access

Review your product sales history, then define areas for best sellers or frequently ordered items to reduce pick-up time and speed up delivery.