The History of Auto Clean Range Hoods

Range hoods have been around for centuries, but the auto clean version is a relatively new kitchen appliance trend. Auto clean range hoods are essentially air filters that automatically clean the air inside the hood by using an impeller to spin around and remove contaminants. 

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What are Some Options for Auto Clean Range Hoods?

One of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years has been the range hood. Range hoods are often considered necessary for keeping kitchens clean and tidy, but what are some of the different options available when it comes to buying an auto clean range hood? 

One option is to buy a range hood that is self-cleaning. This means that the hood will automatically clean itself using filters and an exhaust system. These range hoods can be expensive, but they tend to be durable and professional looking. They are also good for large kitchens with high ceilings. 

Another option is to buy a range hood that uses manual cleaning. This means that you will have to clean the range hood yourself using soap and water. Manual cleaning rangehoods are less expensive than self-cleaning rangehoods, but they may not be as effective at keeping your kitchen clean. 

If you are on a budget or don't have enough space for a self-cleaning or manual-cleaning range hood, there are also options available that use ultraviolet light to clean the air inside the hood. These range hoods are cheaper than other options, but they may not be as effective at keeping your kitchen clean.

How To Change Your Honda Suspension Bushings?

Honda suspension bushings are a necessary part of any vehicle, but they can also be tough to replace if you're not an expert. Here's how to take care of them with ease!

If you're experiencing any problems with your Honda's suspension, it's important to diagnose and fix them as soon as possible. Here are a few tips on how to change your Honda suspension bushings:

1. Remove the Honda Suspension Bushings From Your Vehicle

The first step is to remove the Honda suspension bushings from your vehicle. This can be done by removing the axle nut, then unscrewing each bushing from the axle. Make sure to label each bushing so you can re-install them in the correct order.

2. Clean and Lubricate the Honda Suspension BushingsOnce the Honda suspension bushings have been removed, it's time to clean and lubricate them. 

3. Use a solvent or WD-40 to clean them off, then apply a light coating of grease to each one. Make sure to reinstall the axle nut before doing anything else so that the bushings are held in place.

Honda suspensions are some of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. They offer great handling in all conditions and are very dependable. However, as a Honda owner, you may find that your suspension bushings are starting to give way.