Unique Features And Uses Of Cartooning

Cartoons are simple  drawings or sketches  with exaggerated features that are satirical or humorous and are usually published in newspapers, magazines, or journals. Most cartoons combine words and pictures to convey their message, while others only express their message through pictures. 

An artist who specializes in creating cartoons is known as a cartoonist. Cartoonists usually use small details about a particular character, which helps us identify them easily, while exaggerating other features of the same character such as the head, arms or legs to create humor.

For example, a cartoon character’s head can measure one-third or half the length of his body. The big head is usually used by cartoonists to draw the reader’s attention to the main character’s facial expressions such as smiling, taunting, squinting, anger, etc. 

Symbols are also used by cartoonists as shortcuts to help them tell their stories. For example, a dark cloud on a character’s head could mean that the character is desperate or in trouble, while a light bulb on his head could indicate a living idea that the character has acquired.

There are several functions that can be used to identify cartoon images easily. Some of them are:

  • A person or animal known as a “hero” is depicted in the cartoon.
  • Some details about the characters are shown in the cartoon.
  • Cartoon drawings are not realistic, but representative.
  • Cartoons are funny, satirical, and dramatic.
  • Character facial expressions and feelings such as happiness, anger, pain, etc. are usually indicated by the size and position of the eyes and mouth.

Cartoons play several roles in society. This role is primarily educational and social.

  • Cartoons are used to create illustrations in books, magazines, newspapers and other journals to educate the general public about important issues affecting the nation.
  • Used to advertise products and services.
  • They are used to explain difficult subjects or subjects in a textbook.
  • Cartoons are used as finished images for publications.
  • Visual artists use cartoons as sketches for painting.